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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Keep your jewelry individually stored in separate small airtight zip lock bags or a jewelry valet case. This helps avoid tangling and friction against each piece of jewelry.

 Be mindful of how much abrasion comes in contact with the surface of the metals. Wear and tear can vary from person to person.

 Make sure the jewelry is dry when not in use, humidity and oxidization can lead to the metal becoming dull or patina (when metal is left out and exposed to the elements).

 For maintenance, use polished clothing and gently clean and wipe away all the microscopic particles. The liquid jewelry cleaning solution is an option the quick and instant cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are a great alternative way to get a deep clean on our jewelry.

 Recommend to keep your jewelry away from highly acidic environments, such as the swimming pool (chlorine), ocean water (salt), alcohol-based perfumes, lotions, and oils.

Solid Gold

Fine metals and the sliding scale of karats: 10k, 12k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 24k. You can usually tell the level of karat by the color of the gold. The lighter the gold, the less in karat. Higher the karat, the deeper the yellow it becomes. 10k is less gold content and a higher ratio of metal alloy. 24k is pure gold all way and nothing mixed with any metal alloy, very brittle and soft. It is always mixed with a metal alloy for structure and durability. The most common sturdy and well-made fine jewelry that can hold up and stay gold are 14k, 16k, and 18k; this is the happy well-balanced medium.

Gold Filled

5% 14kt gold bonded to 95% metal alloy (jewelry brass). Highest grade metal in the market and closest to solid without the price tag. Worry and hassle-free. Hypoallergenic and water friendly to add.

Sterling Silver

92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% metal alloy. Hypoallergenic and water friendly to add.

Vermeil / Gold Plated over Sterling Silver

Gold that is bonded, Sterling Silver. It can only be called Vermeil (Pronounced: ver-may) when it is .925 Sterling Silver base/core. Hypoallergenic and water friendly to add.

Gold Plated

Less than 1% gold is bonded to the metal alloy (jewelry brass). It's more of a finish to the metal, think of it a as garment dyed but in metal form.

Costume / Base Metals

Usually, zinc or nickel-based (sensitive people are prone to this and these are two known metals people are allergic to) is treated with a flashed or dipped of gold, rose gold, or finish to achieve the look desired. This is usually the jewelry you find in downtown fashion districts or imported fashion jewelry that is sold and produced dirt cheap. They are one-time wear and toss type of jewelry.

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