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《Classic of Mountains and Seas》 is an ancient Chinese book of the pre-Qin period, which records many of strange monsters and odd beasts in the bizarre and motley folklores. Some scholars believe that the 《Classic of Mountains and Seas》 is not only about myths, but it is also the description of ancient Chinese geography. It also includes overseas ancient mountains and rivers, birds and mammals; It was treated as China's oldest geographical works. Until today, how people interpret the book is still ambiguous.  This series of works used the monsters in this book as prototypes and created different artistic creations, including painting, engraving, woodcut, 3d printing, laser cutting, jewelry and so on.



Medium Paper cutting




Xiangliu, a monster that has a snake body and nine heads, ate countless people. Wherever it goes, its path will become a swamp.  The water it spilled out was more harmful than flood as the water is spicy and bitter. The people who were touched by it will die. Thus, even animals cannot live in these swamps. The protagonist Yu saw this beast was so rampant, and he killed Xiangliu with the use of his divine power to save all the people. Even a drop of blood from Xiangliu could make the soil infertile, thus the dead body of Xiangliu polluted a large area. You tried to pile up the dirt into the mountains. He tried three times but failed.  Then he decided to make this ground into a pond, and invited other gods from different areas to establish a tower next to the pond so that it could suppress the remains of the beast.

Medium Video (duration: 1:13), Stop Motion Animation


Soundtrack: Piano (performed by Simon LAST NAME)

Although this is a short video, it includes more than 700 pictures. More than 100 parts of the monster’s body are handmade.  By trying different artistic expressions, I made the main character of this work more dynamic.


Medium Woodcut. 



Xuan Tortoise (left) a monster with a bird’s head, eagle’s beak, and snake’s tail, could make a sound of knocking wood. People who carry its likeness could avoid suffering from deafness and it can also cure other small ailments. The monster’s greatest ability was to store water and make rains. Wherever it goes, it would rain heavily and cause floods.

Love Bird (right) excerpted from the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”. The bird is androgynous, so there are two heads with a pair of eyes. In order to fly, two minds must match, it implies partners who are inseparable and also friends with the solid friendship.

Medium Laser cutting, LED lights, the acrylic-based resin

h;38cm L:32cm w; 2cm


The use of laser cutting and lighting fuses to create fantastic visual effects. Using the trial of the advanced cutting process instead of manual cutting, I aim to show ancient mythology in a modern way.

Bi Fang Bird:  It is a symbol of fire in the ancient Chinese mythology. The name may come from the crackling sound of bamboo and wood burning. Bifang is believed not only the god of fire but also the god of wood.  The overall shape of Bi Fang looks like the red-crowned crane, but its body is blue with red dots. Its beak is white and it does not feed on grains. Bi Fang devours fire, and wherever it passes by will be caught in flames.

Medium 3D Print 2017

Heluo Fish is one of the sacred beasts of Chinese myths and legends. Qiaoming River originates from the Qiaoming Mountain, and it flows from west to the Yellow River. There are a lot of Heluo Fishes living in this river.  Heluo fish has one head but 10 bodies, and it sounds like a dog barking. People who eat its meat can cure carbuncle swollen disease.

I made use of 3D printing technology to reproduce the ancient animal to present it to this modern world. By providing the ancient beast with fresh blood, I have the chance to ruminate Chinese culture, and people’s attention to the pith of China’s 5,000-year-long art culture in the present day.

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