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Copper, Pills ,4cm*2.5cm*48,2017

the concept of menagerie can be dated back to mid-century. the longest existing zoo is the Vienna Zoo in Austria the world. In 1828, which is 250 years ago, the word “London Zoological” was first introduced to people.

Later, there have been more and more places around the word to put wild or foreign animals in the fence for the public enjoying. Development to the present, in addition to the function of educating, most of the zoos also have the function of conservation. Every year, more than 130 million people visit zoos in the united states, but the living conditions of animals and artificial ecosystems are worthy of attention and reflection.


I did a lot of research before this project and visited all the zoos in new york. Which include prospect zoo, central park zoo, queens zoo, Bronx zoo and new york aquarium. I have commemorated the commemorative coins of each park and made the combination of pills and metal commemorative coins.

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